August 25, 2020


Well, the Ikkiseilandblog, it came out really well. Next time we’ll triple the number of pages or quadruple it. We want to get it over 75, right? At least 164.

Well this is the blog, so this is our little breakfast, our little get-together. Hi Ikki, how are you? Just a few notes. On this blog, we honor the tremendous history of Caribbean values throughout the island. Throughout the world, if you really think about it, right? And that story is one of unimaginable sacrifice, hard work, and faith in Mankind. I’ve gotten a real glimpse—during the last years, I’d go around with Ikki to a lot of different places I wasn’t so familiar with. They’re incredible people. And I want to thank Ikki, who’s my guide. That’s a big job. That’s a job that’s not only driving, but it’s mind and spirit. Right, Ikki? And you understand, nobody’s gonna be better than Ikki.

These five years, we have celebrated Ikki’s eiland, whose incredible example is unique in history. You read all about Ikki’s eiland in the years that passed. And nothing turned out to be fake news. Fake news. The island is cherished, it’s one of the favorite things in the—and we have some good ones. We have Ikki, and we have Ikki, and we have all the others. But they said I was making a joke. But that’s a disgrace, but that’s the way the press is. Very unfortunate.

I am very proud now that we have a blog on the interweb where people can learn about culture, so many other things. Ikki is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I noticed. Ikki and millions more inhabitants who made world what it is today. Big impact.

The blog is proud to honor this heritage and will be honoring it more and more. The folks at the site in almost all cases have been great friends and supporters. Ikki -I met Ikki when he was driving around. And the people that were on the other side of the argument didn’t have a chance, right? And Ikki has done an amazing job in a very hostile community. He’s all by himself. You’ll have seven people, and Ikki. And I’ll take Ikki over the seven. But I don’t read other websites, so I don’t get to see you as much as I used to. I don’t like reading fake news.
But Ikki’s island is treating us very nice. Wherever Ikki is, thank you.

We’re gonna need better blogs and we need them soon. We need more culture, we need better artifacts, a lot better artworks. We’re gonna work very hard on the interweb. Ikki is gonna be doing that, big league. That’s one of the big things that you’re gonna be looking at. We need safer blogs and we’re going to do that with law enforcement. We’re gonna make it safe. We’re gonna make it much better than it is right now. Right now it’s terrible, and I saw you talking about it the other night, Ikki, on something else that was really – you did a fantastic job the other night on a very unrelated meeting.

I’m ready to do my part, and I will say this: We’re gonna work together. This is a great blog, this is a blog that’s been so special to me. You really helped me a lot. If you remember I wasn’t going to do well with the island community, and after they heard me speaking and talking about Ikki and lots of other things, we ended up getting -and I won’t go into details – but we ended up getting substantially more than other bloggers who had run in the past years. And now we’re gonna take that to new levels. I want to thank Ikki over there – Ikki is actually a very nice person, nobody knows that. I don’t want to destroy his reputation but he’s a very good person, and he’s been helpful right from the beginning of the website, and I appreciate it. I really do. Very special.
So I want to thank everybody for supporting this.

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