Hotel Zeebad, Bobbie Sanderson en de zoektocht III-B

March 29, 2021

De video die vorige week voor een verrassing zorgde, is ondertussen goed bekeken door de familie Sanderson. Zie: en deze video:

Mevrouw Bobbie Sanderson en haar zus hebben de video bestudeerd en gisteren kreeg ik dit overzicht:
‘So I went back and watched the “1963” video again. Kim had watched it at least 10 times and so she sent me some very helpful time stamps. Here goes:

0:07 – That’s John Bogart, Rick Sanderson’s business partner, piloting the plane. I remember his pencil-thin mustache. I think that’s his wife Martha sitting behind him. I think it is a very strong possibility that Atkos filmed this video. I remember he did underwater filming too.

2:50 – That’s Rick Sanderson picking up the Bogarts in the blue VW hotel van. He is also later seen behind the bar and in many other shots.

3:16 – My mother is in white shirt and red shorts sitting next to my stepfather, Rick Sanderson. She was beautiful and I’m sad there aren’t any good close-ups of her. Rick was very handsome and they made a striking couple.

5:49 – Rick, Mom, me, and adorable baby brother Rod. Maybe the Bogarts too? I think my sister Kim must have been in kindergarten this day.

7:43 – Rick piloting the glass-bottom boat.

8:53 – My mother walking under the Flamingo Beach Club sign, carrying her water skis. That’s also her water-skiing, with a swim cap on. And Rick showing off while water skiing in other shots.

16:27 – That’s me! Blond girl on sailboat. My mother is sitting right behind me. Wow, so weird to see oneself from 60+ years ago.

Okay, I think the “1963” video was actually shot in 1958 or 1959. My baby brother Rod was born (on Curacao) in 1956. Looking at the video at the 5:49 time, he looks about 2-3 years old to me. What do you think?  I think I look about 16 or 17 when I am shown at the 16:27 time mark.

6:59 – John Bogart and Rick Sanderson at tiller of sailboat. Very good photo.’

De veronderstelling dat de video wellicht door de fotograaf Akos Litsek gemaakt is, is zo raar nog niet. Meneer Litsek was na zijn vertrek in 1956 uit Hongarije in Puerto Rico terecht gekomen. Daar was hij directeur van Delta Film International Inc. Het bedrijf maakte reclamefilmpjes, documentaires en nieuwsberichten.
Uiteraard gaat de speurtocht naar meneer Litsek verder.

Het bericht van vorige week heeft in ieder geval al een extraatje opgeleverd. Vrijdag meldde zich een mevrouw met dit berichtje:
It feels good to read about this family. I was a friend of Kimmy, as we used to call her, while attending Prinses Beatrix kleuterschool (kindergarten) in Kralendijk. She was known as Kimmy of Zeebad. We used to sneak out of the schoolyard during recess to go buy sweets at Tienda Saleh which was near the school. I hope she will remember this. I would like to get in touch with her.
De dames hebben ondertussen contact.

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