Nos ta biba di naturalesa TV – Parke di Kueba i Karst

november 13, 2018

This whole episode of Nos ta biba di naturalesa TV is about protecting the caves and the bats on Bonaire. Both very beautiful and very vulnerable. With Fernando Simal, Elsmarie Beukenboom, Tamanaé Vargas-Salazar, WILDCONSCIENCE & Caribbean Speleological Society. Bonaire is a beautiful island with unique landscapes and magnificent nature reserves with a wide diversity of flora and fauna. To preserve this nature, protection and management is essential. In this series of 14 episodes, we proudly present the ins and outs about diverse nature projects. We visited the most beautiful locations and kunuku’s. This program is made in cooperation with Peter Montanus and Nos ta biba di naturalesa and hosted by Julianka Clarenda. Be dedicated, b-onair! Watch Telbo 61, online and YouTube channel B-onair.

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